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Description of project, methodology

Project description

The project is based on the study of representative coastal units: 4 sites characterised by low-lying linear sandy beaches but different, representative, hydrodynamic and socio-economic environments. Each of these sites will be studied following the same methodology, the aim being to identify vulnerability indicators regarding climate change and anthropic pressure.

the four sites


  1. The compartments of the unit will be defined: shoreface, coastline, backshore, hinterland, from a physical and socio-economical point of view.
  2. The available data will be analysed in order to provide some information on the present trend of the coastal unit, regarding climate change and anthropic pressure, but also to support the model validation.
  3. The vulnerability will be studied. On one hand, the socio-economic dimension will be assessed: stakeholder’s decisions, danger perception… On the other hand, numerical models of the physical behaviour of shoreface, coastline, and backshore will be applied and developed if necessary. The selected models cover a time scale from short-term (storm time scale) to long-term (decades). Then, vulnerability can be studied: the vulnerability of coast/beach will be defined and studied based on in-situ observations and model results, and anthropic pressure will be taken into account as a modulator of the physical vulnerability.

To complete this project, some effort will be made in order to estimate the uncertainty sources, and to quantify them.

Methodoly diagram

Expected results

The main expected results are:

  • Identification and quantification of vulnerability indicators for typical coastal zones facing the impact of global changes, these indicators being transferable to analogous systems.
  • Coupling methods between numerical physical models and socio-economic impacts at various spatial and temporal scales.

Leaflet project presentation

Click on the picture to download our leaflet project presentation :


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