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The 4 study sites

Unit n°1 – Sète Lido: urbanised, micro-tidal and high wave exposure

A site located at the west of the lido of Sète (Hérault) is chosen for physical, socio-economic and historical reasons. The beach is linear with linear bars. The tourist assets are important in this area. Several measurements campaigns have been performed on this site (PNEC program). Furthermore,
there are several on-going projects in this area: (1) the GLADYS technological platform, founded by GLADYS-ISTEEM and LEGEM, (2) the ANR project COPTER (Conception, OPTimisation and coastal ERosion defences prototypes set up) (period 2005-2008; ref: NT05_2_42253).

Sète Lido

Unit n°2 – Truc Vert beach : natural, meso-tidal and high wave exposure

The Truc Vert beach (Gironde) is an area studied since 1997 within the framework of the National Programme of Coastal Environment (PNEC). This unit is characterised by a high wave exposure and the presence of subtidal crescentic bars, as well as ridge and runnel systems in the intertidal-zone and dune system in the backshore.

Truc Vert

Unit n°3 – La Tresson (Noirmoutier) beach: Natural, macro-tidal and high wave exposure

The chosen unit is located on south west part of Noirmoutier Island (Vendée). This unit includes : a natural coast segment of about 6 km and an artificial segment of about 2 km with coastal defenses and high stakes regarding risk of erosion/flooding.

La Tresson

Unit n°4 – Dewulf (East Dunkerque) beach: urbanised, macro-tidal and moderate wave exposure

The site is located between Dunkerque (Nord) and the Belgian border. Dunkerque is the limit of a sedimentary cell extending eastwards to Belgium. The available data cover the following topic: morphosedmentology, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic regimes, sedimentary dynamics and morphodynamic behaviour on time scales from short to medium term. The coastline evolution (e.g. the dune front) at the multi-decennial scale has also been estimated for the period 1949-2000.


Table 1 – Synthesis of main hydrodynamic and socio-economic environment of the 4 sutyd sites.
Study site N°AreaTideWave exposureUrbanisation
1 Mediterranean Micro High yes
2 Atlantic coast (South) Meso High no
3 Atlantic coast (North) Macro High yes
4 English Channel Macro Moderate yes

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